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Simple little ride


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After one of the most horrible days I have had in my 19 years of being a LEO, I took off for just a short 70 min ride. My last call of the day was the birth of twins (boy, girl) that were only 17 weeks old. Both were non-viable and the worst of it was that the couple had been trying for years. Both were born at the house, and well they made it as far as our trauma center. Well you can guess the ending there. I got home and shed my polyester suit for my ridng clothes, hugged and kissed my wife and kids...took off with tears in my eyes...got home and was right as rain. Unreal, that small little ride through the back roads around home made everything better. Just looking at the old barns, the live oaks swaying in the light breeze, the kids playing in the neighborhood adn the adults playing softball at the park....WOW..got me back on track. Guess this isn't really a ride tale, but I wondered as I rode if anyone else felt this way after something so horrible.....wished I was on the Hill ride in Texas. Sorry, needed to vent!

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I feel for ya.


I can't imagine the depth of emotion that such an experience would bring.


Glad the ride helped. I've always thought motorcycles were theraputic.

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PRC, tho you'll see more of life's darker side in 1 day, than most people see in their entire life, thank god you are there for those who are in need.


I'm not a LEO, but I grew up in a bad part of town, and saw alot of bad stuff. I think you know how bad "bad" can be.


I DONT want to forget it, i use those memories to make me feel deeper and stronger about the people and things I care about, and about life in general.


That ride you took afterwards probably seemed sweeter than its been in a while.


Been there brother.

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My oldest son is a cop - worked undercover drugs, patrol, and is now a homicide detective . . . we share a passion for riding and enjoy time on the road together. That's him in the avatar - I'm the old fart reflected in his glasses . . .


We were talking the other day - it had been a very hard one for Josh - a really bad day - kids involved - Josh said he hopes it never gets any worse. He's like you, strong because he has to be, but a gentle spirit.


I shared the details of a show I had just heard on NPR - A Harvard historian has written a book, the gist of which is - things ARE getting better. Even with WW1 and 2, the Holocost, Vietnam, and African civil wars, the 20th century was more peaceful than the 19th, and it was better than the 18th, and so on . . .


Despite the stupid and violent things that we do to one another, and our dispair over the situations in the middle east and Africa and the problems here at home . . . things ARE getting better. With each generation we are a more generous, caring, and civil race. With each generation we are more peaceful and less destructive. Seeing the truth of this takes a long term view. It's like geologic time almost . . . attitudes, expectations, and people change slowly be we do change.


I think it's important that anyone in law enforcement or any other public service job, understand this. The struggle is not in vain - you (and we) are winning - justice and civility will prevail. I tell my son frequently that he is my hero - all of you LEO's deserve our thanks and our respect for staying on the front lines in the struggle for civility and civilization.


So, from the proud father of a cop to one of his brothers - Thank You!

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