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Kendon sport lift: almost, but not quite


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I bought a Kendon sport bike lift for an excellent price on eBay recently ($450) delivered, and while I am sure it's gonna be fine for my lightweight bikes (KTM and R65), I think my RT is just a little heavy for the it because of a simple design shortcut.


Note in the attached photos thatI have to brace the rear extension. That is because without the brace the rear extension twists laterally a little. I think this is could be cured easily. The two brackets and pins that hold the extension on are in single shear; welding on an additional bracket on both sides and using a longer pin would put the extension in double shear, which is always a good fix for twisting under load. I am most likely gonna have a local welding shop do this for me.


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I would also be more than a little concerned about the narrow footprint of that lift. I can envision a bike toppling over if things got very high. Might want to investigate extending the feet outward by a foot or so on each side. If space in the garage is a concern, you could always telescope the tubing.

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The Porsche is a 1976 930 (TurboCarrera) with 37k miles and the original window sticker. It's a pristine beauty and sees about 100 miles a year these days. Every so often I think about selling it, but everytime I sell an old car, the values triple within 3 years.


The old 930's are a bit tricky to drive - all driver mistakes, not matter how small, are punished in the blink of an eye. The rear tires are each 15 inches wide. Attached is another photo.


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