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Tire Wear on the LT


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I am getting ready to take a 6-8k mile trip...distance depends on my buddies points of interest he wants to see. What is the average life of a Metz on an LT?


I woulda posted this in the LT site but it appears to be down..



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I'm thinking you are talking about Metzeler ME880 tires. They should last the trip on an LT with maybe a little to spare. This is one heavy motorcycle though and wear is really dependent on good inflation discipline. Keep your tire pressure up near the maximum pressure found on the sidewall of the tire. I used to get right at 8-9K miles on mine but I'm pretty conservative about changing tires early.

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My SO gets 12-14k on a set of ME880's. Pressures on the LT site recommended at 42 front, 48 rear. Caution, when they hit the wear mark, WATCH OUT, they burn off quickly to the cords. Err on the side of caution and replace them prior to the trip.

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I wouldn't recomend this to anyone else but my brother got 31,000 miles out the original set of ME880's on his LT. He is very anal about tire pressure and is a very very smooth rider. Rarely does he do any hard accelleration and doesn't push it at all in the corners.

He was planning on getting another 2-3 thousand out of them until I suggested he should replace them since they were over 4 yr's old and started to see a little weather checking on the tire...

I would have never believed anyone could get that kinda mileage out of set of tires, if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

So the phrase (your mileage may vary) took on a wholr new meaning to me...LOL thumbsup.gif



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