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600 Mile Service


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Had the 600 mile service completed today on my R1200RT at Bob's BMW, big thumbs up to these guys. Explained everything in detail, answered all my questions, were as nice as they could be no matter how many questions I had they were right there with the answers. The whole deal took about three hours and that was including installation of a Z-Tech Windshield and a foot peg lowering kit. I can say I am glad that is over with and I don't have to worry about the break in deal any longer. I can say without a doubt it runs much better, smoother and a lot quiter now also. They do a lot more in the 600 mile check than I had imagined. 100 mile ride back home at 60 to 70 MPH gave me a good test of the new Z-Tech. I like it, although to me the difference between it and stock are minimal. It is a tad taller than the stock shield but with wider shoulders. I can run it lower and get the same results as running the stock full up however. I did notice a little wider envelope of calm around the arms and shoulders and no matter where I put it I did not feel any pressure on my back as I did with the stock in certain positions. The lowered pegs are also nice if you are a long legged rider. I noticed the difference right away. All I need now is the Rick Mayer and I should be all set.

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Aah, the Rick Mayer. Just got mine back for my 06 1200 RT and it's wonderful. Went with the vinyl for price, weather conditions and less maintenance. I don't regret it and spent 300 miles today on it and my cheeks were very happy. By the way, I went with the medium Aeroflow windshield and really like it a lot. Huge difference over stock and wind deflection across all of my body was very noticeable. No wind buffeting whatsoever.

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BMW Motorrad

Maintenance schedule

0368 - R 1200 RT

Running-in check (once only at 1,000km)

Reading fault-code memories with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system


Performing bleed test with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system


Engine-oil change, with filter


Tightening cylinder head fasteners


Checking secondary spark plugs


Adjusting valve clearance


Checking brake-fluid level, front brakes


Checking brake-fluid level, rear brakes


Checking freedom of movement of throttle cable and checking for kinks and chafing


Checking tyre pressures and tread depth


Checking lights and signalling equipment


Function test, engine start suppression


Checking synchronisation


Test ride as final inspection and function check


Reading fault-code memories with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system


Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation

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Had the 600 mile service completed today on my R1200RT at Bob's BMW, big thumbs up to these guys.


Hey I also picked up my RT from Bobs last Friday after its 600m service. They even reset the time, which I hadn't gotten around to doing (not that theres anything difficult!) Seems like there are a lot of the 07 RTs being sold on the east coast.

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I also just had my 600 mile service done this past Saturday. But I did notice one odd thing....the idle is much lower and it shakes more due to the idle. Is this normal? Will this go away soon? Bike now has 900+ miles on the clock. TIA!

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As in on the bike? They put it in the computer on the bike?


Nope! Just means to enter the information in the Rider Manual and dealer stamp the book. There is no way to enter service information in the bike computer.

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