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rider stranded, need help


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What battery can be used in an 04R1150RT? Friend bought a bike used, is riding back from Washington (DC) and is stuck in Va.... maybe someting from NAPA, Autozone... just something to get him back to Indiana./...

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Any motorcycle battery that will fit or is a bit smaller just to get him out of a jam.

Hopefully they will have at least one in the proper size range that is already charged.


If he can get his hands on a pc680 odyssey he will be good to go!

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It can be for a lawn mower too. Just as long as the size is close.

Needs to be fully charged too!

That may be the hardest part in finding one.

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Thanks a bunch, his father and brother in law have gotten to the area, they are going to help him out finding one. Thanks everyone!

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Thanks all. I was the stranded RT purchaser. Ended up with a $22 battery from Walmart that was smaller but fit. Posts were backwards, but the cables fit with some rigging. It was only a 9amphour where a 19 was called for, but it starts the bike for now.

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