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reset motronic


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I've searched the archives and I cannot locate the procedure to reset the motronic (I.E. pull the xth fuse and twist the throtttle 3-times). I'm going to re-install my Cat Code Plug cause I watched Al Gore's movie!


Any help would be appreciated greatly, by me and the atmosphere!





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Pull fuse F5 (counted from left to right), wait a few seconds and re-install.


Turn key on with bike ready to start, e.g. in neutral, "kill" switch in run, etc. but do not start it.


Twist the throttle through its full range twice.


Start the bike.


(For others reading - This applies to the R1150xx and R1200xx series only, not the R1100xx series.)

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I recently had the ground side of the battery disconnected to install a Rhinewest chip. Instructions called for 3 twists of the throttle with ignition on but not running to recalibrate the TPS, but did not call for fuse removal.


I was surprised to see that the clock retained the correct time after the battery was disconnected for an hour.

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