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Zumo mount for 1100RT


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Anybody have any pictures of their mount for a Garmin Zumo on an 1100 RT?? I just ordered my Zumo on Sunday and was researching mounts. (Ram & Gadget Guy) I'll check out the cycle mount that comes with the GPS and see if I can adapt it easily to the RT but I thought I'd check and see if anybody with an 1100 has bolted one up yet.

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Can you keep me posted with pictures of how you decided to install it? I am in the same boat. I am about to order a zumo.

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I am also interested in those that have mounted a Zumo on their R1100RT. I plan on installing one on both my 05 K1200LT and my R1100RT using the same mount.



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From what I've been able to find in researching different mounts, that "crossbar" type mount is exclusive to the 1150's. I'm not sure what exactly is different with the 1100's dash area that makes that mount different. The cycle mount that comes with the Zumo is a Ram type that uses the ball and clamp system. It's just mounting the ball in a practical way that I was inquiring about. The Gadget Guy 1100 mount uses the center bar just in front of the gas tank, so that may be the best solution. Zumo is scheduled to arrive on Monday so I'll be working on the install soon.

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There is a redundant mirror hole next to your clutch reservoir. A bolt through theat with a RAM ball on the end will allow you to connect to the supplied RAM mount with a ... wait for it... RAM clamp


If you want the Zumo a little more central change the bolt for a longer piece of angled aluminum round bar positioned so it does not interfere with the view of your left mirror

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Go to HAWKPRODUCTS.COM and check out the GPS perch. I absolutley LOVE it ... worked good with 2610 (little vibration), but is even better with the ZUMO 'cause it's so much lighter. Yes, it still vibrates a little bit, but it's position on the dash is so awesome for your "scan" while riding ... don't have to look down so much as with the BMW mount.

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Just made a custom mount today. Spraypaint drying now.

For me the ideal position is above the clocks, so you can have quick looks whenever you want and still see the road.

Just needed about 50cm of ALU strip (40-45mm wide, 2 mm thick).

Guess I can have a picture tommorrow (when paint is dry).

I'm now looking for a suitable 12V supply which is (dis-)connected by key. Any suggestions for that?



R1100RT (build 1999)

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Very nice looking mount. I received my Zumo yesterday. I didn't get a chance to play around with the Ram mounts included with the gps but I know for sure the handle bar mount that was in the box won't work with the RT. I'll probably end up fabricating something similar to what you made. Thanks for the photos.

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