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VStream Screen Height - R1200RT


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Being a 6'4" rider and finding the stock R12RT screen functional but not optimal, I'm thinking about the ZTechnik VStream. I read positive reports and also like how it isn't a large screen. Is this VStream screen as tall as the stock screen? While it appears to offer more width at the top, I'm nervous it is also shorter which I don't think I want. Anyone VStream R12RT riders have a thought or two on the screen height, and protection it offers to the taller rider? Have searched the site here but didn't find anything on these perspectives.


Thanks much.

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I have VStream and a Cee Bailey +1, +1. The VSteam measures 26.5" and the CB measures 26" even though CB says on the invoice it is 25.5". They are both the same effective height on the bike and taller than the stock screen. Pics of the VStream are deceiving, it is huge compared to what I was expecting, one step toward a Gold Wing!

I'm 6'2" but since I have a 33" inseam and ride with the seat in the top position, my helmet is "way up there". They both do a better job than stock of getting the air over/around you without getting the top of the windshield in your line-of-sight. I'm still playing with both. My initial conclusion is: The CB is better at getting ALL the wind off you making it warmer in cold weather. The VStream is great at getting MOST of the wind off you while still leaving a bit of a breeze for ventilation, making it nicer in hot weather. The CB, in light gray looks way better.....

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