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2004 r1150rt complete brake bleed tools - where to purchase.??


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I want to completely bleed my brakes on my 2004 r1150rt and i "hear" there are some special bleeder hoses ,,, does anyone have part #'s and source??

ABS model..


Thanks,, Any help appreciated...

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only things i know of are speed bleeders but even they are suspect. I stuck with the stock ones..only thing that may help you is that funnel to insert into the abs modulator and an extra person to help you press the brake pedal as you open the bleeders up.

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Also you'll need a 12 point (7mm?) box wrench customized to get to some of the bleed points on the servo unit.

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Here is all ya need to do a brake bleed-the syringe is from any medical office OR your local friendly fireman. The tubing is 3/16 and your choice of containers




Now this tool was made from bending a 7mm wrench. I added the 1/4 inch drive on the end but it's not needed unless you have access to a good welder. This gets the bleeders under the tank.I didn't bother with buying the speedbleeders.



We just did mine this weekend and it all went well but I suggest there be two of you doing this as there is a lot to pay attention to.I went to a tech day and read every thing I could find first.No need to buy a bunch of special tools,just use a little imagination!



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Soooo - MrDuck - to fill the servo during the bleeding process, you did not have the funnel and stopper, right? Did you simply refill the servo unit with the syringe? That means there is no need to keep the servo unit topped to the very top all the time, during bleeding?? Right??


I'm about to get going on this project, along with some more under the tupperwear projects, once my parts arrive. I have to make one of those funnels with a stopper for the servo (or maybe I don't).

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Jim VonBaden

I just finished filming the 12GS brake bleed, and you do not need a special wrench, though I might make it a little easier.


You do need a hose and bottle like above, and a ministan is very helpful.


Look for the video, along with the rest of a 36K available soon.


Jim cool.gif

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Well the stopper and funnel trick didn't work for me as the stopper seemed to bottom out before it would seal and the fluid leaked all over.

Yup just used the syringe to keep the servo full. As long as the unit doesn't go clear empty you'er fine.

I did my alt belt and fuel filter also as long as I had all that stuff off.I figured now would be a good time for me to tear into things as I'm still not up to riding yet but getting better!






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