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Where's the relay?????????? RT-P


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On my 99 R1100 RT-P the socket that is supposed to be for the horn relay is empty. My horn works fine though.


I looked through the wiring schematics posted on BMWMC.net

but can't find any clues. In looking at Tracy Priers web site where he discusses adding drivingng lights, I noticed his socket is empty also.


(scroll down to the pic)




I'm getting ready to add an airhorn and I thought I should look for the existing horn relay but it's gone or am I missing something (mentally) ???

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My 2000 RT-P (CHP configuration) had the complete Authority package installed (less radio) when I aquired it. The horn button operates the 'air' horn. The civilian horn is installed, but disconnected, and the horn relay bay is empty. The relay that operates my air horn is buried under the front tupperware on the right hand side. I suspect that this is the realy that is operating your horn. I have a picture that somewhat shows the relay location. My tupperware is currently installed or I would have taken a picture of the relay. See the attachment and look for the yellow pointer. The police horn relay is located behind the obstruction the pointer is pointing at.

Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck.


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I think you are correct. They just hooked the civilian horn to the police relay when they stripped the police gear from the bike. The result is that I get power feeding back to the civilian relay terminal that would normaly go to the load and on one terminal that would power the coil. The other result is that the horn works even with the key off.


I'll use the signal that feedsback from the horn to trigger the coil on my new horn relay. I can power the new horn from one of the fused police circuits under the radio box.


This is all very handy cuz I am nounting the new horn where the carbon canister used to be or on the bracket for the radar gun "holster". Thanks again.

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Which socket is that? I didn't see any empty relay sockets

on the picture you indicated. I am trying to determine why

my horn stopped working after replacing the left combo switch on my ex-CHP R1100RTP.

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