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Autocom been very very good to me.


Kieth Goudelock at Tulsa Truck Center is the man to deal with. He'll tell you exactly what you need, and sell it to you for less than most, and he'll walk you through the install if you have trouble. He'll even electrify a tank bag for you at a nominal cost, if you want to keep everything in a bag, complete with a volume knob on the outside. Kieth (yes, he spells his name that way) is a great guy.


He definitely knows more than the "tech" guys at Autocom America.


His phone number is 918-446-2245.

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You may need to define "not very expensive" for us to get a really effective answer. That said, you're likely to get responses on a few systems:


1. Autocom

2. Starcom

3. Baehr

4. Intaride


Autocom is probably the most popular system around here. Our own Fernando Belair (EffBee this week?) works for an Autocom dealer and is extremely knowledgable. You will find Autocom's website HERE.


I use a Starcom, and I'm very happy with it. At the time I bought it, it was signifcantly less money that the Autocom. I use it with GPS, satellite radio, radar detector, FRS, cell phone, and intercom. The system has always performed well for me. When my wife wanted a system last year, I got her a Starcom without a second thought. You can find Starcom's website HERE. California Sport Touring is one Starcom distributor. Their website is HERE,


A minority on this board seem to use Baehr. It is pricey. I'm sure it works very well, but I've never heard anyone give any evidence it is worth the price. Website HERE.


Some folks also use Intaride. I don't know much about them. If you search the board, you'll definitely find some threads. Additional searches will give you user perspectives on different systems, and expose some of the arguments on which is better. Here's a couple:


Starcom vs Autocom


Bike to Bike Communicaations


Depending on your definition of expensive, you may be in for sticker shock. My Starcom base system was about $250. But I needed several additional cables to add connections to all the stuff, and each cable can run $20 to $50. I was at $500 before I was done. An equivalent Autocom system at the time would have been $800+


Both Autocom and Starcom have changed/improved systems and reduced pricing, so I don't how they'll compare now.


Good luck with whatever you decide. Intercom and music will definitely change your riding experience - for the better IMHO. thumbsup.gif

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