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Liberty bluetooth for EVO


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FYI received this as I was interested in the EVO awhile back.

No affiliation.


as you may have heard, we recently demonstrated the Liberty system at the

Scottish Bike Show, in Edinburgh, to a great response.

Our UK website has just been updated with the latest details.


updates to the www.Intarideusa.com and www.wirelessrider.com sites will be

made later today.

We know there have been a number of "Bluetooth" systems launched during this


but these generally seem to only do one thing or another, quite limited in

their scope. Nothing so far compares with the Liberty.

General Spec's for "Liberty" include:

* Smaller, more streamlined "Pod" unit for your helmet.

* Full Stereo music, to both Rider & Pillion.

* Full Duplex speech with "Professional" Sidetone. (Both can talk & hear


at the same time).

* Vox activated microphones.

* Approx' 20+ hours constant music on a single charge

* Approx 1 hr charge from mains or bike 12v power

* Ability to plug into other makes of intercom and on-board entertainment


upgrading everything to "Wireless Rider" status.

Our reason for writing to you is that we are now ready to manufacture our

first batch of "Liberty" systems & of course we need to have a rough idea of

how many to make, also here at Wirelessrider.com We need to get a general

idea for our first stocking order of units.

The Launch price for all those like yourselves who have pre-registered will

be: $469.00 US Dollars.


This will include 1 x "Hub" unit + 2 x "Pods" for your helmets, headsets,

chargers etc.

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