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K100 clutch change


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My 91 K100LT is starting to need a clutch, which isn't bad after 92,000 miles. Its done at least 55,000 on its current one.


Problem is I don't have a clue where to start with the change, and is it something within the realms of a home mechanic? I do my own oil and filter changes, have swapped discs and can swap out an engine as a complete unit, but never done anything like delving into the inner workings.


Any step by step guides out there (preferably with photo's). Or just any tips in general?





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It's not a whole lot more work than doing a 3 spline lube job. You just need some way to support the back of the bike while you have the diff & the tranny out. A cherry picker works good or some folks just build a simple A frame saw horse out of 2" X 4"s.


Nothing too technical, just keep track of the nuts & bolts as you remove them. Clymer makes a manual for the older K's, you should be able to find it without too much trouble..


Have fun!



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