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Kenwood 3131 or 3130


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Tech Daze is coming in New England and I'm really looking forward to meeting people on this board and getting some help installing a PTT bike-to-bike system. I already have an Autocom ProRider 7 and a Zumo 550 is on the way.


With that, I'm looking for any input from the gurus on installation and a comparison of Kenwood radios. I think it's between the 3131 and the 3130. Any and all opinions are most welcome.

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I've never heard of anyone here using the TK-3130 (ProTalk XLS). I have the TK-3131 (FreeTalk XLS), which works great with the Autocom. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be bike-powered. However, it comes with a rechargable battery and can also use standard AA batteries. I can usually go all day on a charge, and I find it easier to lug the lightweight charger than heavy AA batteries. As long as you stay in motels/hotels, not a problem, but for camping the lack of electricity might be an issue.


There's another Kenwood model (Freetalk XL, I think, and I forget the number) for which Autocom has a bike-power kit. This unit's drawback is that it has no display, which makes changing channels rather cumbersome.

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The Freetalk XL is the tk-3101k. There has been a lot of talk about what radio to buy over the past couple years. If you're willing to put up with the hassle of changing channels/squelch codes to get to the point that you don't have to worry about batteries, the tk-3101k is a good choice if you can afford it and the cable. Otherwise, you've got a lot of battery powered options out there.


FWIW, I've never seen someone complain about any Kenwood's reliability.

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This isn't the model you inquired about but is what I picked up recently. Fernando recommended the Kenwood UBZ-LH14 as I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on those other two options. part of my reason is I needed two radios, two cables, and was shopping two autocom's. that gets real expensive real fast.


I have tried the UBZ-LH14's now a couple of times and they work pretty good. they are certainly better than some motorola talkabouts that I also have. I would say that the UBZ-LH14 are still kind of a line of site type radio up to about a mile or slightly more in range (I live in utah with mountains and trees and stuff that interfere if you get to far away from the other radio).


they are pretty good if you need to find a cheaper option (oh, and thanks again Fernando for helping me out).


I hope this helps some,



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That is another model I've looked at. I'm hoping Fernando chimes in on this thread as he seems very knowledgeable. I think I'm looking for the "industry standard" of BMWST.com users. Maybe I should do a poll. Uh... I don't know how to do that either. dopeslap.gif

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The 3131 rawks. Everyone asks me why my transmissions are so clear.


Mine sits in the tankbag (look to the right of the silver Nextel)



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