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R1100RT Horn Switch Cleaning


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It has been recomended that my horn switch possibly needs to be cleaned because it has does not always work when pressed. This may be a silly question but how?


1) Does the switch come apart or do I just spray some stuff in the cracks of the switch. (I added "of the switch" to avoid any remarks that would be un-family-like! lmao.gif)

2) What stuff to spray? WD-40? Pam? Pledge? Right Guard? dopeslap.gif

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Mine had the opposite, problem (occasionally closing/beeping when not pressed). It was an RT-P, so the dealer suspected the horn switch was not used much. They used aerosol contact cleaner and just squirted it through the outside (around the switch button perimeter) and it fixed it! I was a little doubtful, but it worked well. Be careful doing this though, because some types of contact cleaner can be very nasty to some types of plastic. Cover all adjacent areas to prevent any over-spray. I've purchased contact cleaner from Radio Shack (a place I dislike) but the stuff seems to be fairly safe for an application like this. Good luck…

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