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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weekend romp to Eastern Oregon !

Doug 55

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BMWST bro.s Steve Reinig and Bill Wrathbone spotted a fantastic weekend weather break and kindly allowed me to tag along on their run from Pugetropolis over the Cascade Mt.s into Eastern OR and back. Approximately 1K miles, perfect weather, great company and amazing (IMHO etc.) roads and scenery.


The end destination was John Day OR, site of the wonderful "Chief Joseph Rally" June of each year (thanks to BMWRO!!!)


My route; Steve came from farther north in western WA, Bill's home port is in the Yakima WA area




Scenes from a chilly lake alongside I-90






Over the pass and starting into desert country




Truckers have a great view from their "office" (as seen at a Goldendale WA diner)



There were stunning views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood





Various scenes approaching John Day
















This pic is contrast challenged but still a personal favorite










Now arrived at John Day ... cannot believe "summer" temps in late March !!!



Steve and Bill after an early Sun. AM run




S & B heading out; they wanted to make good time home, I opted for a later departure / arrival and photo ops along the way








Uff Da ! Have to read a map for myself now eek.gif



Scenes along my route home; Montana holds the title for "Big Sky country" but this area is a contender.


The vintage ranch buildings / remains fascinate me as authentic, open air, museums of a time before silicone chips ruled the world



































PS, a few tech notes:


( 1 ) all 3 of these bikes have been to AK (Bill and Steve in '05; me and Das GS in '06)


( 2 ) Steve's (green RT) has approx 150K miles and running strong despite a history that includes 2X final drive and tranny failure / replacements


( 3 ) Bill's (red RT) is also running strong with just shy of 100K miles with one rear drive and tranny failure in the rear view mirror


( 4 ) apologies in advance to Steve and Bill if I am not exactly accurate on the miles / issues; just wanted to give BMWST folks some perspective on your journey with these machines

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Jeeeeese Doug, you live to torture some of us... Don't you? grin.gif Wonderful pics! Ok....only 2 more months to Torrey!



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It's funny you brought up the bikes at the end of your story, because I was thinking. dopeslap.gif Steve & Bill seem to be having a great time on those older bikes. I love being out on my bike, but always seem to be chasing the new technology. Great story & pictures.



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Thanks for the report and photo's. I especially like the one of the open highway and the "big sky".

Sounds like you all had a great time.

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I always look forward to your riding pics. Great once again.


Eastern WA and OR are some of my favorite riding areas. I will get to that area 2 or 3 times this year.


Think of the photo possibility if we got Francis from Holland over here, and you could lead him on a photo trip. Between the two of you, the results would be magnificient. clap.gif

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I'm just going to quit reading your ride tales Doug. I love that part of the country....so once again, I am officialy jealous. frown.gif


but seriously, great pics as always thumbsup.gif

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Great suff as always, Doug!


b.t.w, My meetings ended up being in Bothell today (North Creek Parkway). Awesome view of Rainier today coming up the 520 from Lake Union.


My next trip up here WILL be planned to accomodate some riding!

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It's been a long time since I've been out that way. Gotsta get back there someday ... soon. But in the mean time, keep posting! I can visit vicariously through you! thumbsup.gif


I especially love this one (I hope I post it correctly):


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Aside from not coming through Kennewick to get to JD it was great. The Captain said the picture need to be in a book. They are fantastic. Infact, perhaps you should think about reviewing your collection and have a book published. Just think, write off all trips for photo shots.


Good to see all is well. We expect to see that greying hair of yours at our door step one of these days.


You picked a great weekend for that ride.


PS- You sure have some ugly riding buddies. thumbsup.gif

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My first post on this site....

I attended this Rally last year also. It was a gorgeous weekend with many spectacular rides....Just geting there from the Portland Area was well worth the ride.

I think I will take the Goldendale route this year also however I plan to take HWY 14 in Washington much of the Eastern route....some nice twisties.

Hope to see you all there!

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What fantastic scenery! The greatest downside of living in Florida is that I have 2 - 3 days of very hard riding to enjoy countryside like that. Of course, the RT is up to it! Thanks for sharing.

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George Brown

Great report and photos Doug. I rode some of those roads last July on Fasterpill's RS and in '01 when I went to the Redmond rally. smile.gif

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Sweet, Doug. I'm continually amazed at the quality of rides folks get in this time of year. You're fortunate to have had a break in the weather and the pictures are testament to some of the beautiful scenery underneath some of those otherwise cloudy skies. And I love the shot of Mt. Hood!




Mike O

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