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Handle bar torque spec

Keith S

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Left my manual at work and I wanted to install bar backs tonight. Does anyone know the torque spec for the handle bar bolts on a 2004 R1150RT?


Thanks, Keith

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From the manual..... thumbsup.gifMake sure that all lines and cables are correctly


Tightening torque:

Handlebar weight to handlebar .................... 21 Nm

Handlebars to fork bridge............................. 21 Nm

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the help! clap.gif


I did notice that when you mount the bar backs with the bolts still loose that there is a rather large amount of rotation of the handle bars on the horizontal plain. Since there are 2 sets of bolts with built in clearances/tolerances this would explain it. It also might help people that have posted with wist problems from the angle of the grips. Just rotate them in the direction that helps (forward or back).



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21nm?? What is that? I am used to foot pounds or inch pounds confused.gif


21 newton meters is 15 1/2 foot pounds.


Newton meters is what the whole world except the USA uses to measure torque grin.gif




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