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2002 GS Brakes

John Montoya

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Thanks David. Chris sent me a link to the process. I like my old 99 RT better and better.


John, the early GS iteration did not have the grabby feel. The '02 was actually a substantial improvement. Not so on the RT.

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I have an '02 GS with 7/01 production date. No servo brakes. I would expect that the '02 production for the '03 model year would have the servos.

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Just finished bleeding the non-servo brakes on my '02 GS. I did the entire bleed at the calipers. If your ABS unit has only two bleed screws, it is the non servo unit.


If you have 6 bleed screws on the ABS unit follow the detailed instructions under the FAQ for the servo brakes.


The only difficult part was getting the grub screw out of the right caliper to replace it with a bleed screw. The grub screw was very snug. I initially tried using an L shaped 5mm Allen wrench to remove the grub screw. It felt like it was about to strip the allen recess in the screw. I discovered that my 5mm Allen socket fit the Allen recess a little more snugly. I had to take the torx screw out of the right fender support so I could get in there with a rachet and extension. I replaced the grub screw with a speedbleeder, which worked well. See comments on speedbleeders elsewhere.

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