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Another Used Bike issue


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Have a issue on my new (used) 98 R1100RT, it is the front brake lever. I noticed when I pulled into the garage that I had a dragging noise coming from the front end. It ended up being the front brake engaged as the brake lever will not return to position without my help. So if I forget to push the lever back, i will have the brake lite on. I tried lubing but no go. It has that adjusting wheel for the lever which I am still trying to figure out but either way, it gets stuck, any ideas please? thanks!!!

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The lever is sticking and it's putting pressure on the brake discs correct?


You will need to research (take apart) the entire front brake system to truly secure and resolve this issue.


You could have corroded calipers, swollen brake lines as well as a mucked up lever reservoir assembly that could be bent or damaged.


Whatever it is fix the problem before you ride it again.

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If the brakes are not locking, i.e. releasing some, but not completely (remember disc brakes never release completely) it's not likely a caliper, piston or line problem.


Diassemble the lever / master cylinder first and see if its piston is moving back correctly. If not there is a rebuild kit for it available.

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Exactly like Ken said. Lever first.

I get a bit carried away because I come from a background of completely thrashed bikes that I resurrect back to the living.


BMW owners usually never let them get that far out of wack. Usually.

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Thanks Ken and Tony! The bike is in pretty good shape so I do not suspect corroded parts but it does need some TLC. The brake lever is releasing most of the way but still engaged enough to lite the brake lite and sound off the front end. Thanks again, I will tackle the lever area next.

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