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Ideas for mounting a J&MCB-2003 on the handlebars of a R1100RT


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I bought a R1100RT for my wife to use and I now want to install the J&M handlebar mounted CB to it but I'm having a hard time finding a mounting kit or brackets to do it. Do you have any ideas? I have a bracket that was designed to be used on a Harley that I was thinking of modifying to make it work but I'd rather purchase something that was designed for the purpose. The other question that I have is to the best location to mount the CB antenna. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I have a 1200RT and purchased a mounting bracket from CycleGadgets,www.cyclegadgets.com. I didn't like it because it was hard to reach to key the mike and impaird the view of the speedometer. I purchased sheet aluminum from the hardware store that was thick enough not to vibrate and thin enough to bend and made my own using the purchased bracket as a starting point. I'd post a photo but don't know how to do that. I also have a Give mount on the back for a top case and attached the antenna under the mount using the bolts for the Givi mount to secure the antenna. Be sure to get all your antenna mounts and antenna ground well secured because w/o a good ground the CB won't work well if at all. I hope this helps. On projects like this you just have to be willing to experiment and keep trying until you get it the way you want it.


Dan Forker

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I have a 99R1100RT. Here is an example of what I have done with my J&M CB. Works great, used a different antena for better reception and love the ability to plug in my IPOD and GPS. I had a custom made bracket machined by a local BMW motorcycle guru but any machine shop should be able to do something similar. Good Luck!









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