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Changing exhaust, re-mapping?


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When I purchased my 1100RT it came with a Remus Grandprix exhaust installed on the bike and the original pipes in a box. I was told that the bike had been "re-mapped" for more horse power and for the Remus exhaust system.


I'm not really fond of the Remus exhaust as I think it is louder than the original exhaust and I'm considering switching them back.

My questions:

1-If the bike was indeed "re-mapped" do I need to have it un-mapped, if that's a word, when I put the stock exhaust back on?

2-How difficult will it be to put the original exhaust back on? If you have any suggestions I'd like to hear them.

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A true remap requires changing the chip inside the Motronic box. There are a couple of other "maps" stored in the Motronic itself and they can be accessed by changing, or removing, the plug (looks like one of the relays but a different color) inside the relay/fuse box. Another factor here could be the use/non-use of the O2 sensor.


I think I would just restore the stock exhaust and see where I was at. The differences in fuel delivery are pretty subtle anyway and the bike may well run fine.

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