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1985 K100 Generic Oil Filter


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Ok guys, I know this has been on here before but without having to do a lot of rearch PLEASE just tell me what auto filter do I need for a '85 K100? Thanks. Terry

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Thanks Paul. I just bought this bike and haven't got familiar with it yet. I guessed as much concerning the filter but wanted to make sure. Plymoth Neon filters are the ones I have been using and 20W50 Automobile Oil. I assume all this will be applicable. Thanks again.

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Don't put a painted filter or one with a easy grip surface in a K-bike. The coating just might come off and get in the oiling system!

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I don't understand your response?? A painted surface? Aren't all filters "painted?"

I just changed the oil and filter today as well as the tranny and rear end oils. I used a Fram filter "painted"

orange. As I have done for years. I am not sure what you are referencing?

And thanks for the response.



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On the earlier K bikes, the oil filter actually sits in the oil pan, that's why you have to take off that cover to get to it. Hence, if the paint from the oil filter flakes off it could plug an oil line, or just may be get caught up in the filter. If you pick up a BMW filter, you will notice they are not painted.

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