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Lake Havasu and back


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One of my old harley buds calls me up and invites to Lake Havasu to pick up a motorcycle trailer he's purchasing from some biker dude. I sez to myself what the heck, why sit at home? Afew phone calls nail down all the little stuff and I show up at 8:00am. My buds Kevin (left) & Reuben (right):




The day is beautiful as we head out of So Cal to the east, then north to Yucca Valley and 29 Palms. Took these when I got bored in the middle of no where:






We ran in to these two guys in Vidal Junction, just west of Parker AZ. They were from British Columbia on a tour of the states. They trailered down to Redding, CA. and have no plans other than to ride. Gil, on the left owns a fishing resort in BC, here is his website: www.sheridanlake.com




They were both struggling with the desert heat (100 degrees), just as I was. I'm pretty new to this ATGATT stuff, and would have probably stripped down to a t-shirt normally, but rode on with my jacket, gloves and full face helmet.



The rest of the ride was without incident. A few more pictures for you, especially for those poor souls in the northeast. As I watched the weather news from Boston on Friday evening, I felt so bad........the temp in Havasu Sat. morning at 10:00am was:




I found London's missing bridge, it's been hiding here since 1971. 100_1296.jpg




We stopped one time on the way home for a refreshing bottle of water (beer for those so inclined) along the river. It was a great weekend with friends. Friday night another friend, Tony rode over from L.A., arriving at 10:30pm. He's the vertically challenged guy in the middle




Highest price for gas almost paid, we decided we could make it to the 10 Fwy and the gas stations at Chiriaco Summit, it was only 3.59 a gallon there.




It was a great trip, although very warm, yea I know Steve, it's a dry heat. grin.gif


560 miles total.

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You should have had Tony stand about 10 feet out in front. grin.gif


I was working all weekend, just got home, sippin a gluten free beer.

Looks like a nice ride, cool ride tale & pics,grin.gif

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Good to see that London's missing bridge is NOT falling down.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride smile.gif


The RT can get warm in the summer thanks to the oil cooler & all the Tupperware.

Might be time to look into some evaporative cooling gear if you don't already have some.

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Might be time to look into some evaporative cooling gear if you don't already have some.


+1 on that. An evaporative vest under a regular jacket with vents open (NOT a mesh jacket) is the way to go in the desert. Keeps you cool without dehydrating you. An Aerostich evap-o-danna (or similar) and an evaporative skullcap can do wonders, too.

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tom collins

that looked great. the hogs looked good too. you just inspired me to keep my eyes on the goal of getting out there to ride some day.


tom collins, in the soggy, chilly midwest

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