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Battle of the front fork seal!


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Hi guy's here is the story, after those happy 54k on the bike the left front fork seal decided to retire on me, so I did some homework on repair manual, plus sneaking around this board a little, took a deep breath and is time to do or die , after removing all the fun stuff last thing is the SEAL and then is not fun anymore, after a few round of trying this and that and those nothing works to safely remove seal without damaging the inside wall of the fork tube,; what else I can use the HAMMER?; sure! why not what do I have to lose, I use the curl side of the hammer( of crouse) to pry it, on the first try...POP! something broken? no! is the seal lost this time. OK guy's thanks for visiting my post you can go back to do what you been doing now. Thanks wave.gif

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