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BMW AM FM Stereo Radio Cassette question


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Have been working on my 96 R1100RT, replacing battery, clutch lever switch, etc. IN doing so I of oourse had to disconnnect the battery and this lost the OEM radio/stereo settings. Because I bought the bike used, it didn't have a manual for the radio. I do have what is supposed to be the security code from the dealer. I tried entering the code but it didn't seem to work. Not sure if the code is wrong or I'm not entering it right. Here is what I did:


Connected battery

Connected radio

turned radio on

pushed the buttons on the radio dash corresponding to the security code number (a 4 digit number)


Is there something else I should have done/pushed before entering the code, after the code, etc. I can call the dealer Tuesday but wanted to get this straightened out before then.


Any help appreciated.



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From the instructions....


1. Turn on ignition

2. Turn on the radio

3. Enter your code using the preset buttons.


After the last code number is entered, the radio will activate. If you make a mistake while entering the code, press and hold the BAND switch until the code numbers disappear, then start again. thumbsup.gif


Hope this helps.

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Should have worked confused.gif


When you depress the numbers, are they showing up on the display? I know I have a sticky one that is hard to activate...

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This is just to update my posting and hopefully help anyone else having trouble with the security code and the BMW AM FM Cassettee Stereo. The problem was that I had to unhook the stereo while working on the bike. That lost the security settings. After getting the code from the dealer, I tried putting in the code per the suggestions in the replies to my original post. It didn't work. However, on re-reading the replies I noticed one step was, if the security codes didn''t seem to work, then one should press the "Band" key on the radio and hold it until the numbers on the radio frequency display disappeared. When I did this AND then entered my security code, it worked.



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BTW, where can I get my security code ? I thought I had it awhile ago, but I can't find it anymore....this new info may be why mine didn't work awhile ago...



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