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1) side cases rattle. 2) lowered pegs et al.


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1) I have noticed, possibly belatedly, that the side cases have some slop, i.e. i can move then approx 3/8 of an inch. after reading about some people losing them riding, thought i'd see if there is an adjustment/ homemade shim for the case.

2) is there an all in one lowering peg/lever lowering kit someone can recommend?



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Can't help with the side case rattles, but Suburban Machinery makes the foot peg lowering kit. You can buy the rider lowering kit, the passenger lowering kit and the shifter lowering kit separately. Great quality. The footpeg kits are a breeze to install, the shifter kit is a bit of work, but worth the trouble.


I am 6',4" and have the rider kit and the lower shifter on my bike. Even though I ride with the seat in the highest position, I needed the lowering kit to ease the discomfort in my knees.

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