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R12RT System case reflective decals?


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I have them on my 1150RT and I gotta say that they light you up like a billboard to anyone behind you. I first noticed them on another guys bike I was overtaking on the highway at night and you couldn't miss that bike...


I plan on putting them on every bike I ever ride.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

I got mine at the dealer. I like the fact that they are practically invisible during the day, and then shine like runway lights when hit with headlights at night. thumbsup.gif

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Bought mine from Andy Sager at http://www.hind-sight.net or 801-550-0438.

He has both, white (Stealth) or Red. Fast service, excellent 3M product.

I like the red because when a driver comes up on you they will see red tail light and red reflector. Red is not stealth, you do see it in day light

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Where do you get them?

This is the very best place for them. If you doubt this, just ask Fernando lmao.gif


Thanks, I have bookmarked the site and will order them. They look great. thumbsup.gif

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I have them on my R1150RT and they are amazing, and good value: $30 for a large area of reflection vs $120 for two LED replacement bulbs.

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I ordered mine for A&S cycles back in 2003, sounds like others have given you some pretty good direction on other sources....

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For now I went the El Cheapo route with Wally-world. I bought a pack of 4 DOT pyramid type dot strips for $8.44. If I remember they are 4 X 18 inch strips. I only used two on my RT. I used one strip on each the back of each case. I had to cut them down a bit, but used the extra on my top case and the sides.

There are a huge amount of reflective decals on the net but I just stuck (no pun intended) with something simple.

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