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Ipod Integration - No Sound


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Maybe someone can help with this. My bike is an 05 R1200RT. I integrated an Ipod to my onboard radio using BMW's Ipod interface, P/n 65 11 0 409 342. The radio cd etc work like they should. When I go to ipod mode. The radio acts like it recognises the ipod. No sound comes out. The dash says what it is supposed to CD7 Tr01. I can change tracks, still no sound. The ipod screen goes to the BMW Do not disconnect screen and stays there. I have checked the pin placement 3 times. that is good. What do you think? Thanks for your help.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I install integrated units in autos. I have had a few problems, and worked thru them.

First step of diagnosis;

Does the Ipod work when disconnected?

I have had a Ipod battery so weak that it had to fully charge before it would work. Hence message do not disconnect. One required a new battery.

I have also noted that I have to turn the volume on the radio way past the point of normal to get the gain needed to play.

On a networked vehicle I had to battery disconnect and re-power the vehicle to get it to recognise the new unit.

Hope these hints help.... lurker.gif

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Thanks I found the problem. i didn't put the small 10 pin plug in as I thought it was for Hands free Phone. That was the only place it was mentioned in the insructions.

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Since I have the same model like yours ('05 R1200RT) and I am looking for an ipod adapter, but I don't know if the European radios are different from the USA ones, how possible it is to let me know the part number of your radio confused.gif

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Maybe the radios in Europe are the same, But I wonder if the radios in USA have a diferent wiring harness and the ipod adapter is not compatible.

Actually have you connected an ipod adapter to your radio?

And if you have, please let me know were did you get it from?

Also can you explain me what do you mean "regional settings"?

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1) The radios are the same. The adaptor plugs into an empty slot in the back of the radio, not into an existing harness.

2) The part can be ordered from a BMW car dealer

3) Have a look at this thread re: regional settings



1)I hope with the adapter I will be o.k.

2)I agree for the BMW car dealer, but who? Here in Greece they don’t know anything about that. (I am looking for the P/N 65110392133 or 65110409342). Could you suggest me someone in London to whom I can order it.

3)Many thanks for the information about “regional settings” clap.gif

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