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Let's see your "Under" Pants


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What do you wear under your riding pants?


I wear First Gear HT Overpants for most of my street riding. I'm satisfied with their waterproofness, fit, protection etc.


I'm finding that jeans underneath provides less comfort than I would like. Lack of mobility, thick seams, cotton all seem to work against being comfortable on the long haul. What do you wear under your gear?


I'm looking for something flat seamed, wicking, maybe some stretch?


Any suggestions?

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Bicycling pants. thumbsup.gif


You skinny guys can wear those thing. The rest of us feel like we have been shrink wrapped! crazy.gif



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I often wear bicycle short liners, as opposed to bicycle shorts. Looking at them, you probably wouldn't notice the difference, except that they're thinner, and not quite as bulky in the crotch (from the way they're made, not the wearer smile.gif). They're stretchy, have a chamois-type crotch liner, and fit well under motorcycle pants.

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With the HT overpants.

First layer, Gel chamois bicycle shorts.

Then, Mesh poly pants in warm weather, Fleece pants in cold weather.

Add liners in colder weather.

With the HT Air overpants.

Gel chamois bicycle shorts.

Add liners if weather/altitude requires.

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Just me, but I don't like over pants ... instead, my riding pants, both textile and leather are designed to be just that - pants.


Under them, I've found an inexpensive long leg, compression, wicking type underpant at WalMart works really well. If its really cold I use a set of JL rowing shorts also made out of wicking fabric and lined with polar fleece ... comfy grin.gif

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For commuting, the main use of my HT overpants, I wear jeans.


When not commuting, I'll generally wear leathers. If it's too cold for leathers, I wear (from the skin out):


long boxer-briefs (hanes or FotL) or long underwear (lands end), depending on how cold it is

cotton sweatpants



I've been comfortable enough with the above that I haven't yet looked into bicycling shorts.

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Underarmor HeatGear longs 3 seasons,BMW Comfortemp phase change longs in cool/cold.




I wear the UnderArmor HeatGear year round unless it gets really cold (below 35 all day), then I'll go with a Patagonia full length liner.


The main thing is to keep the moisture away from your skin.

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That ain't right...Lord, I apologize for that there, and be with the starving Pygmies down there in New Guinea. Amen.

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I feel like a fattso wearing a speedo in those things. But then I do attract a lot of women while wearing them lmao.gif

Suppose no matter their physique they feel slim by comparison?

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UnderArmor heatgear. Only that in warm weather, then I layer other stuff according to the temperature. I have long-john pants in three different thicknesses. tongue.gif

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For years now I've worn REI's boxer briefs. They are made of a synthetic material and provide good ventilation; an absolute requirement in the hot Texas weather.


After trying jeans, and then synthetic hiking pants, I discovered the perfect under pant garment--the North Face Apex trekking pants. They are well ventilated, the fabric is not bulky and they have a close fit. The best part is they move with you. The fabric is four way stretchy, eliminating binding around knees or the crotch area--if you know what I mean (men). You can find them on close-out for under $80. North face gear will last for years too.

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ExOfficio pants, in a quick drying nylon. Very lightweight, wicks moisture, no seems to speak of, packs down to nothing, and looks good too. and they have zip off legs to boot.

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