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Help! R1200RT will not trip traffic signal.


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Is there some device one could add to the bike to trip the traffic turn signal. I've now violated the left turn signal several times. I am not looking to control the signal. I know there are such devices. I just want the darn light to change normally. Any suggestions?

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As you approach the intersection, look for the area where the trip sensors are located. Try and straddle your bike over these areas.


If this still doesn't work, try putting your kick stand down over one of the loop wires.


There are "devices" out there. All they are are a big magnet and, IMHO, a waste of money.


Flashing your lights will not have any effect either. This requires a certain frequency not attainable with the thumb. tongue.gif


If all else fails, wait 2 - 3 cycles and make your turn when safe to do so as if it was uncontrolled. If you get popped for this, explain the circumstance.


Report the intersection to the street department of the city where this is occurring. The sensors could be bad or in need of adjustment.


Hope this helps! wave.gif

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I had the same problem the light would only change about 4 out of 10 times. I made sure that my bike crossed over the cut in street sensor. I then purchase "Green Light Trigger" and mounted it do the bottom part of my frame. Since I placed this on my bike I have not missed one traffice signal cycle it always turns green for me.

see the product link.



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Rather than using your side stand, which will kill the engine if you are in gear, gently reach back with your toe and push your center stand down until it rests on the pavement. Hold it down until the lights begin to change. Works almost all the time.

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Back in 1975 I had the Los Angeles Street department meet me at an intersection that was always trouble for me. We messed around for an hour or so. Finally the signal was tuned in. But that device others have talked about may be the easiest solution.

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