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Dirt Cheap XM Mount


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In this recent post: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/825228/an/0/page/0#Post825228


I described adding a Migsel shelf, and showed how the accessories are powered up under the seat...nothing earth shattering, just my way of doing it without having to remove all the body work.


I'd run the audio cord for the ipod from the glove/radio cubby to the Autocom, which is mounted under the seat, and wanted to use the same cord for the XM, which necessitated putting it somewhere near the cubby door. After a wander up and down the aisles at Lowe's I found an 8" by 10" by 1/8" piece of UV-resistant Lexan for three bucks. I cut a 2" by 4 3/4" piece off it, and rounded the edges with a Dremel (sandpaper would've worked, too, but what's the use of owning a Dremel if you don't use it every now and then?)


I attached self-adhesive 3M Dual Lock strips to the Lexan, and slapped it down between the two flattest parts of the handlebar bases, then attached the rough side of some industrial Velcro (so it won't catch so much dirt and crud)to the Lexan, and the soft side to the Roady. The antenna sticks magnetically to a bolt on the left bar...and if that's not strong enough, I'll use a little dot of Dual Lock. The rest of the antenna cord is just wrapped up and is under the left handlebar. I may move it somewhere less conspicuous, although it doesn't offend me.


The power cord runs from the under-seat fused power strip under the left side of the tank bag holder thingie. Right now it's held in place with a zip tie, but I'll cram something up in there to hold it in place that doesn't show.


Essentially all you see is the XM, and a wire running from the cubby. Easy to reach the controls, and pops off instantly to toss in the lockable cubby at stops, along with the magnetically held Valentine.


Now, I just need to figure out how to get that STUPID AA flashlight holder arm scratcher out of the inside of the cubby lid without busting up the lid.


Dual Lock is stronger than Velcro. You can buy it at Aerostich or elsewhere for drillions, or ask a kid in a red shirt at Target where the Velcro is, and you should find a package of Dual Lock for about six bucks that'll last a lifetime, unless you REALLY like to stick things together.


Hope this is of some use to someone.









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Just curious, what will you do when you want to check the tightness of the bolts that mount your handlebars, if your dual-lock adhesive pad is applied on top of them?

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The stuff peels right off. I've got lots of it. Is loosening of those a BMW thing? I bought my first bike in 1969. I've never had to tighten bar bolts.


If you make one of these yourself, and are worried about this issue, you can simply use a shorter piece of the stuff, and you'll be fine. thumbsup.gif

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The stuff peels right off.


Nice. I didn't realize that the installation would be so easily reversible. Sounds like a good way to mount all kinds of things.

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