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R1100RT / R11150 Wheel


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Short answer: no.


Long answer: if you were an expert machinist with a lot of money and wanted to do a major redesign and reconstruction of the rear half of your bike, maybe.


You can put a 5-spoke 5" wheel from a K12RS/LT on the rear of your R1100RT, using the K12 bolts. This lets you use a 17" tire instead of an 18".

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Paul Mihalka
Does putting the K12 wheel on the rear lower the bike and what about the center stand?



Not a problem. A stock for R1100RT 160/60x18, a 160/70x17 from a K1200LT or a 170/60x17 all have very close the same diameter.
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No problem with centering, the offset of the two wheels is the same. Do replace the spacer, it is there to help distribute the wheel clamping forces over the face of the wheel.

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Is there a problem centering the wheel? The RT has a spacer between the wheel and drive shaft.


The problem is the brake arrangement. The 1100 has the brake on the final drive, on the 1150 it is on the wheel. I do not know if it is possible to fit an 1150 final drive to an 1100, together with the caliper etc.



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