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Bleeding brakes on RT

Little Joe

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I just learned, to the tune of $350, that my '04 R1150RT requires a brake system flush and bleed every one to two years. Is this something that is above the capabilities of a mechanically inclined but inexperienced owner? Apparently the bleeding process is quite intricate (the shop mechanic spent four hours on it).

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Hmmmm? Oh, I see. Only four posts . . . you could've saved yourself some serious money! smile.gif


Check in the header under M/C FAQ and look down on the left column for "Wheel Circuits", "Control Circuits" and "Clutch". thumbsup.gif



[Edit: Dang, it Joe! ONE minute! tongue.gifgrin.gif ]

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Filling out your profile, with geographic info, might help you find a TechDaze.


There you would find friendly people, who have done that procedure, and would be happy to loan you the tools, and "supervise" your use of the tools, while offering lots of "advice", and boat-loads of tall tales.


Coming to Connecticut on 4/28!

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