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Shop stands for RT

Little Joe

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I also just use the center stand with a 2' by 8" 3/4 piece of plywood under it. I

would also suggest removing the rear tire first as I have found that I need to tug and wiggle it a little.

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I always thought it would be nice to have something to bolt in place of the rear wheel (once removed) to keep the bike stable so that I could work on the front. Something with an "A" shape that provided a place to put weight, though I would still also like tie-downs (to the floor) as well.

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John Montoya

There are two holes you can put a long rod in that will lock your centerstand so it won't flip up. Then take off the front wheel and place an old milk crate under the forks. Then take off the back. Anyway you go, it can be spooky. I try to avoid doing it if at all possible.

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