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Aftermarket handlebar risers for new K1200GT?


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First, perhaps we need another tech forum for the new 1200 series bikes? Ya think? They certainly are different from the old bricks. Let's see oil head, hex head, Bricks, and ???? 4Across?


Oh well . . .


Have any of you put additional bar risers on the new KGT?

If so, photos, install comments, results?, where you got 'em? etc. would be much appreciated.



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So far I've only seen pictures of something that Wunderlich (or was it MV-Motorrad?) is supposed to be offering that actually moves the bars higher that the max stock position. Can't find it now and there is nothing mentioned on either of their sites.


The current offering from HeliBar doesn't move the bars up, only back about an inch. I have those and they are effective for my short arms. Optimum would be about 3/4" higher also, but since that's not available I've gone to a lower seat.


Let's see oil head, hex head, Bricks, and ???? 4Across?
Some folks have tried "GT2", but that hasn't seemed to stick yet.
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I put Suburban Machine on mine...took them off after a week or so...changed the way the bike handled that I didn't like. It's been a while so I don't recall the exact circumstances. I'll make you a "brother in law" price on them if interested.

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