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RevIt Riding Gear


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I am considering this brand. Any comments pros cons ? Thanks
most people are really happy with it. I've owned three different pieces of their stuff. One, the celcius gloves, are still in one piece. The other two were pretty weak.

Ultimate pants liners both shredded on velcro from my boots within 2 months. When the rivets from waist adjusters popped off on both sides soon after I called it quits. REvit happily took them back on warranty.

Hurricane gloves developed holes in fingers within 6 months.


Like I said, most folks are extremely happy with Revit. I love the way it looks and it is extremely comfortable gear. I wish it held up better FOR ME! Unfortunately, I think they're going more for fashion than function.


I want to love Revit, but, for now, I won't buy anything else from them. I hope they improve their quality control in the future, because, those Ultimate pants were really great. I loved them. I've never had a more comfortable pair of pants. riding or otherwise, but, I have to wonder what would have happened to my legs in a getoff.


As always, YMMV.

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Well, here are my Rev'it! product experiences:


• Bought an Ignition Mesh/Leather jacket last summer. So far so good. One of the liner "holders" in the sleeve broke, and I could have returned it, but honestly, I haven't thought about it enough to have it be a problem. Also, the mesh does melt if left for an extended period of time on your hot headers. DAMHIK. It's well built and heavy but gives pretty good airflow. It's not exactly Joe Rocket mesh as far as that goes, but I have no regrets buying it. I've worn it in some pretty cold temps with the liners and my Gerbing jacket.


• At the same time as the jacket, I bought some Solar gloves. They lasted 3 weeks. This was apparently a known issue (the goat skin was WAY too thin.) I had no problem trading them in. They didn't have any more in my size on hand, so:


• I got a pair of Inferno VCS gloves. I bought these the day before I left on a long trip - which wasn't exactly smart. These things were INCREDIBLY uncomfy from Utah through Southern Oregon. However, somewhere along the Oregon coast, they began to break in. By Seattle, they were really quite comfy. I absolutely love them now. I'm not sure how they're going to be in extreme heat though.


• I'd read several positive reviews of the Rev'it! Celcius, but since the Fahrenheits were the "new and improved" version of them, I figured I'd give them a shot. Well, I've only got about 600 miles under my belt with them, but so far so good. They've been wonderful down to 20°F with grip warmers, and the low 30's without grip warmers. They fit well and seemingly have good protection. I can't report on longevity (obviously)


•I have a couple pair of women's (cheap off eBay - sorry Ben. smile.gif ) Flight H2O gloves. They've been good so far but again, I can't comment on longevity (nor long term comfort etc), but they seem well built.


I'd buy Rev'it! stuff again, but I know they've had some issues here and there. If I didn't already have an Admiral, I'd consider an Infinity.

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I have a pair of Rev-It Freestyle boots which I like very much. They were the best compromise between protection and off-bike wearability I could find and inexpensive too.



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I have had a set of the Ergo Boots for over a year, and would consider them again. Comfortable, grippy and works well in most temperatures.

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I've had a Cayenne jacket and Ultimate pants for about a year (circa 14,000 miles) No issues, and I'm very happy with them. I also got their airflow jacket (I forget the exact model name, but it's their mesh jacket). I like it, too, but I've used it much less. For SoCal desert heat, I've found an evaporative vest under the Cayenne with vents open works better.

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I have a Revit mesh jacket and two pairs of their mesh gloves. Good quality with excellent armor protection on the jacket, excellent knuckle protection on the gloves.

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I have a pair of their Hurricane gloves--2+ years old and like them a lot


Ultimate pants--1 + years old, work well, no quality control issues, fit well, both liners work well. Not as cool in the summer as I'd like.


Mesh jacket--about 3 years old, very nice and holding up very well. The rain liner increases its cold worthiness a great deal.


Nemo, I think, boots. good fit, wearing well --about 1.5 years old. Like them a lot.


Overall, I've been very pleased with their quality and fit and would buy from them again. I wish they had something that would compete well with the Firstgear Meshtex 2.0 pants for really hot weather.



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I wish they had something that would compete well with the Firstgear Meshtex 2.0 pants for really hot weather.


They do!

Revit Airvent mesh pant is what I wear.

They let so much air in it's like wearing shorts with armor!

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Cayenne jacket and Ultimate pants for 2 seasons - ho problems with them so I bought a mesh jacket (Air-something) and Ergo boots last summer. Had to ruturn a pair of summer gloves (Solar??) replaced no questions asked at Bob's with a pair of Held summer gloves. Ny wife bought an Angel Jacket and matching pants this winter. Obviously we like Revit gear. Also, my riding buddy replaced his Stitch with Cayenne/Ultimate after he saw mine -- he researches things in great detail.

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SWMBO wears Rev'it...

She was wearing it when she had her wreck (went down a small rocky embankment, bike was totalled). Speaking from experience, it is really great stuff....she had on Rev'it mesh suit, gloves, Nolan N100E and BMW boots. The only surviving piece of gear was her BMW Boots. Everything else did its job REALLY well and was trashed.

We replaced it all again...same gear!! thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for the tip, Tony.


I went to their catalogue and it looks like this year's versions of that model are either the "Challenge" or the "Mistral."


Awaiting a price list from them. It looks like the main difference between them is Knox armor vs ProLife armor.


I read their descriptions of both and I cannot tell whether the Prolife stuff is better or worse than the Knox. I suppose a call is in order if they are competitive in price with the Firstgear Meshtex.

Down here in the squalid, fetid, humid, but lush south breatheability is paramount. The Ultimate pants are just not cool enough.



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