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brake fluid


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No, but it seems that's what most auto parts stores stock. Try a cycle shop.

I do believe that synthetic is a big no no in the BMW bikes....Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
You're wrong. grin.gif


Any DOT4 fluid is fine. Silicone (DOT5) fluid is not, perhaps you confused silicone with synthetic.

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And be careful..

There is DOT5 silicone fluid which DOES NOT mix with DOT3 and 4 BUT there is a DOT5.1 that DOES!

The DOT5.1 fluid is synthetic and has higher wet boiling point numbers and a lower viscosity index number. They say that this makes it better in cold weather for ABS systems with microvalves etc.....


I use Ate Brake fluid (a combo of Ate Gold and Typ200 which is Blue) in both my car and cage brake systems so that when I do a brake flush I can see the colour change after all the old stuff is pumped out.

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