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Garmin MapSource V5 missing Nova Scotia?!


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I'm planning a ride to Nova Scotia (Cabot Trail) this summer but can't find it on MapSource V5 City Navigator! The MapSource only shows part of New Brunswick and that's it. Can this be fixed? If so how?




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I'm not sure that v5 included full detail on all of Canada, rather just 'metro' Canada (to the extent that exists grin.gif). v6 was advertised as covering all of Canada (including rural areas) and by and large it does.

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I've got v7 of City Select North America. It certaianly has all of Nova Scotia, as I used it to do the Cabot Trail summer 2005.

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Thanks, I've just updated to version 6.12, but to no avail. Still can't see Nova Scotia. Weird.

You're mixing up your versions with your versions, you've updated Mapsource to a 6.12 but you'll need to fork over some cash for a later version of City Navigator than you have. Mapsource is the GUI program that lets you work with the maps, which in your case are an early version of City Navigator that got cut off in the east. Newer versions include all of Canada right out to the east end of Newfoundland.

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GoGo Gadget

Or get a paper map. They are free. smile.gif Not to be a smartass, but you might have the roads in the GPS, just not in Mapsource. My BMW Nav I had all the roads I rode in Nova Scotia, I just could not plot the route on my computer and transfer it over. Once I looked at a map and saw how few roads there were, I did not worry about it. YMMV.

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