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Do you need a new helmet for the riding season?


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Pashnit is hosting a group buy for helmets. I have pasted the email below, so I'll let it do the talking. Read carefully, long post.


www.pashnit.com Helmet Group Buy - March 2007


Hi flyingreg, Tim here. March has arrived and Spring is hopefully in the air for you! As we work through the list of suggested items for group buys on the Pashnit Forum- it's time to work on a Helmet Group Buy! This was originally supposed to be a Group Buy for just AGV Motorcycle Helmets. However, I've expanded it just a wee bit.


The March 2007 Pashnit Helmet Group Buy will be for these brands:

AGV, Shoei, HJC, Arai, Suomy, Nolan, KBC, Shark, AFX, Z1R & Moose Racing




GB SPONSOR: http://www.NorCalSportbike.com, Martinez, CA 925-229-1111

Special thanks to Darrell, the owner of www.NorCalSportbike.com for offering this GB to Pashnit Members & Friends of Pashnit.


HELMET GROUP BUY THREAD: http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10484 (Clicky!)




How this Helmet Group Buy will work:


Below is a GB Price List for AGV Helmets. However all the additional brands listed above are also included:

To obtain a GB Price for a helmet other than AGV- follow these steps:


-You must know ahead of time what you want for this to work in your favor.

-Pashnit Group Buy Pricing will always be below internet (advertised) pricing. If you were thinking of a new helmet for the 2007 riding season- now is the time.

-If the helmet supplier you are researching does not list price- call them (common with brands like Shoei).

-More the merry- know someone looking for helmet, let them know about his Group Buy.



Step 1) You MUST specify EXACTLY which helmet you would like: ie- brand, model, color, size

Step 2) Email 'pashnit33 at yahoo.com' to request price (no pm's please)

Step 3)INCLUDE in your subject line your forum user name AND full name

(not a Pashnit member, don't care, just put your name on the subject line)

Example: Subj: Pashnit Helmet Group Buy: Username - Joe Forumguy (trust me, this helps alot!!)

Step 4) MUST INCLUDE: Best price found so far, where?, link?

Step 5) Provide LINK: to the exact brand / model you found you would like

Step 6) Spare shield required? Color? Smoke? Mirrored? (mirrored are often more expensive)



1) CREDIT CARD: Call my cell 530-391-1356 to place your order with Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX during business hours.

2) PAYPAL to 'mail at pashnit.com'. INCLUDE all order information on pp transaction.

3) CHECK: Call 530-391-1356 to get MAIL TO address

4) TIME LIMIT: This group buy will be offered for MARCH 2007 ONLY

5) SHIPPING - $10 per helmet, out of country, call/email for ship quote

6) SPARE SHIELD required?

7) RETURNS: Exchanges only, buyer pays shipping

8) GB PRICING for Shoei/HJC CANNOT be posted in ANY OPEN FORUM, email only (reason is agreements between manufactures & dealers promise they won't do this).




I've also prepared an Excel Spreadsheet of AGV GB Pricing, also includes quotes for other brands as I get them back

Link for this is in the Pashnit Helmet Group Buy Thread:





flyingreg, Thanks for being a part of the Pashnit.com website!!

Forward this email to anyone you know thinking of a new helmet!


-Tim 530-391-1356


Pashnit Motorcycle Forum






AGV Homepage: http://www.agv.com/Index_usa.htm


AGV Spare Shields

$26 - Normal clear or smoke

$36 - Iridium Mirror, Blue





Ti-Tech Solids

420 Black Solid

420 Gunmetal

420 Silver

420 Red (aka Honda Red)


AGV Ti-Tech Designs

Unavail Black / Yellow (Tatoo)

440 Black / Silver (Tatoo)

440 Black / Red (Tatoo)

440 Black / Blue (Tatoo)

Unavail Evolution

470 Industrial - only in M,L,XL

465 Rossi Moto VR-46

470 Rossi Gothic 46 Yellow

Unavail Rossi Gothic Whte

470 Rossi Winter Test

470 Rossi Doctor

Unavail Rossi Moto GP

Unavail Rossi Mugello Manara


AGV Stealth

200 Flat Black

205 Shadow Black

205 Shadow Blue

205 Shadow Silver


232 Arabesque Black

232 Arabesque Blue

232 Arabesque Light Blue

232 Arabueque Pink

232 Arabesque Red



290 Solids: Black

290 Solids: Gunmetal

320 Rossi Moto GP Sazuka

330 Rossi World Champion

Unavail Multi-Yellow-Silver


AGV V-Flyer


210 Black

210 Gunmetal

210 Silver

210 Metallic Blue


223 Multi- Gunmetal

223 Muilti - Red

223 Multi - Blue

223 Multi - Americana


AGV S4 (new!)

150 Solids or multis

150 Black / Silver

150 Black / Silver / Red

150 Blue / White

150 Silver / Black


AGV Miglia - Modular, flip up front

125 Blue

125 Flat Black

125 Metallic Black

125 Red

125 Silver

125 White


AGV GT Open (Modular)

Unavail Open Blue

Unavail Open Flat Black

Unavail Open Mattalic

Unavail Open Red

Unavail Open Silver

Unavail Open White


AGV Dragon (half helmet, fighter pilot style)

82.00 Army

82.00 Black

82.00 Matte Black

82.00 Steel Gray


AGV Thunder (half Helmet)

80.00 American Flame

80.00 Blue Eagle

80.00 Eagle & Canyon

80.00 Eagle & Flag

80.00 Platinum Eagle

80.00 Rose


AGV A4 (half helmet)

47.00 8-Ball

47.00 A4 Blue Flame

47.00 A4 Orange Flame

47.00 A4 Silver Flame

47.00 Asphalt

47.00 Flat Black

47.00 Gloss Black

47.00 Mettalic Black

47.00 Pearl White


AGV RC5 Pro (off road)

89.00 Black / Blue

89.00 Black / Gun

89.00 Black / Orange

89.00 Black / Red

89.00 Black / Yellow


AGV RC5 Pro Jr. (off road)

67.00 Black / Gunmetal

67.00 Black / Blue

67.00 Black / Red




Remember: not just AGV!

The March 2007 Pashnit.com Helmet Group Buy will also be for these brands:

Shoei, HJC, Arai, Suomy, Nolan, KBC, Shark, AFX, Z1R & Moose Racing



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