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Just did my first Iron Butt ride: on a sports bike!


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1658.jpgAnd by sportsbike, I mean '99 BMW 1100S. lmao.gif


Actually rode 2,100 miles in 2.5 days!


Long Island to Florida for the Iron Butt Annual dinner then back up to L.I.


Return trip 1001 miles was done in 16 hours to qualify for membership. clap.gif


All I can say is thank G_d for Corbins, iPods remotes, highway pegs, Passport x8500s, and Bob's Wrist rests.


Damage report: snapped a Givi mount by overloading it once there (stainless steel-banded a wrench as a splint, held great!), blew out a fork seal with a celebratory wheelie.


More pics to follow.



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Congratulations Eff! You definitely did it the hard way, 2100 miles to qualify for a 1000 mile ride. thumbsup.gif


It was nice seeing you Friday, brief as it was. PM your email and I'll send you that picture.



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congratulations and welcome to the very select association, i mean having completed an iron butt on a sport bike... even if you "sport bike" is a bmw. grin.gif


i have done it several times, once on the r1100s. thumbsup.gif


say what size is you givi top box? and what broke on the givi frame? i getting ready to install the one i just bought from wswartzel over on pelican

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Roadscholar swung by to say hi...as I pulled up! Meant a lot to me...not really knowing anyone there! Thanks a million! Good to see you too Frank!


Rearding Givi, don't worry...it's 42 liters but I extended it back 3.5 inches to make room for my aux. fuel tank. Then I just about doubled it's weight limit. Then I rode 1000 miles like that. So...USER ERROR! lol


Chilly start (real feel 7 degrees!)


NY cold


Florida heat.


Enterin' Florida.


Broken fuel pump repair on aux. fuel tank.


80 year old Iron Butt'er Ardess! I LOVE HER!



Some Iron Butters


Our lineup


Hampton Inn = covered, front door, VIP motorcycle parking


My $30 compact multimeter pays for itself after it's virgin ride (identifies K75 short)!


If case you were curious how long a 1989 ZX-10 Ninja's speedo last before snapping it's cable. It still does a GPS certified 160MPH on the track, I'm told.


Triumph at sunset near Dunn, North Carolina.


Eff laughing at Triumph's need for roadside engine disassembly 200 miles into 2,000 trip!


These two men are the kind of guys who want with you when your bike breaks down. One's an engineer. The other's a race car owner, racer, skilled mechanic. Together they can repair anything on the fly! Taught me a lot on this trip!


When oil starts squirting out...my buddy recommends breaking down the engine and starts to remove the tank: on the side of the road!!!


Yes, that's a Triumph timing chain and cam lobes!


Tarbash gets very excited when I talk to him in his native tongue. Requests picture to be sent to him and invites me to stay with his family in Bombay. But encourages me to not drink the water. Then goes into details about bowel issues that will result.





Broken Givi mount wrench splint. Genius!




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Calvin  (no socks)

Eff, I came by early, and crashed the party at the Ramada. I found some other members and hung out awhile... Sorry I missed you. I was on my way home from work. I couldn't have missed that bike...Congrats....

I ride a K12s.... Crotch rocket... Taking it to Torrey later this spring, a couple of ss 1000 days and I'll be there..

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Eff, congratulations on the big ride. And a trip that many make all the time, although not as often on 95 as someplace above it.


But, when you can, tell me again which exactly Baldwin brother you are?




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Live on Long Island (where they are from), work in Manhattan.


I get Alec about 2x a week. It's to the point that I interupt strangers:

"Has anyone ever told you..." -Stranger

"Alec Baldwin: twice a week." -me



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Valve cover gasket was not reinstalled correctly and was partially sucked back in. They took off the cover, cleaned it up, and reinstalled. Did the trick. Like I said, those guys are the best!



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Cool thumbsup.gif

I've been told that people use their "S"'s for sporttouring so I'm not surprized that you were able to roll off that many miles in a couple days.

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