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R1200RT warped discs again


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At 4000 miles I had to have my discs and pads replaced under warranty, as one of them had 0.010" runout and they were juddering badly. Having now completed 8000 miles I have noticed the same occuring again.

My local dealers have never heard of the problem (ho ho), but they have told me that they will be replaced no problem as they have not completed 10,000 miles, which is what BMW consider to be the minimum life span, after which warping is considered "fair wear and tear". If this is the case, then it looks like I will have free discs and pads for life, as the bike seems incapable of doing anywhere near 10,000 miles before the discs fail. However, I heard on this forum that there is a fix which involves using a different brake pad design, but my local dealer in Long Eaton has not heard of it. My previous replacements were fitted in Sept 06, just 6 months ago, so perhaps the fix is more recent than that.

Does anyone have experience of this fix and its effectiveness, and does anyone have any thoughts on BMW's long term position on ths regarding their warranty on new discs. If I recall right, the new discs and pads cost BMW £450 fitted, which at just 4000 miles a set, will exceed the cost of the bikes depreciation if its going to be an ongoing thing, and if I have to pay for it myself.

Best regards.

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Had my rotors replaced under warranty at 14,000 miles and again at 23,000. No part numbers on my invoice so I can't help you. The ends of the redesigned pads taper more for less contact & less heat.

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I have done 23000km on mt '05 RT with no disc warpage.

10,000 miles, which is what BMW consider to be the minimum life span, after which warping is considered "fair wear and tear".

This is a joke considering there are many bikes that complete 10 times that mileage with no warpage.

Does this mean that if a gearbox bearing fails at 30000km they will refuse to warranty it as it is "fair wear and tear"?

It would then appear that unlimited kilometers does not mean what most would assume.

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I just had my front rotors replaced at 5.5k due to warping. I don't believe the replaced the pads though as they are not listed in the parts used and the pads don't appear new.

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I've had this done on my ST twice already. The tech told me after the second time I ought to get rid of those "crappy metallic pads". I put some Galfer FD271G1532 pads in and have been pretty happy since. But it's only been about 3000 miles.

I personally believe it is more a problem with the brake pads than the rotors.



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My dealer said the problem is likely the wheel. He is trying to get BMW to replace the wheel with the rotors (2nd time). In fact, thanks for reminding me. I have to call him tomorrow about that. Seems some wheels weren't machined properly. Will see.

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I checked the discs last night for runout, one was less than 0.002", the other was on the BMW spec limit at 0.005".

The first time it happened, by the time I checked it one was 0.010", the other within 0.002". Problem is I can't remember which was which, if it is the same disc, it may be as you suggest, the wheel.

When I take mine in for replacement I will ask if they can clock up the mounting pillars to see if they are in plane.

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I have discussed this issue on here before in another thread. I have had my discs replaced three times already and I haven't yet reached 12,000 miles. Every time was under warranty and, on the last occasion, they also replaced the front wheel. That was about 1-2 thousand miles ago so I am very wary incase they start to judder again. The bike is now out of warranty!

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I think this subject came up on www.ukgser.com last year and the considered opinion was that holding hot pads against the discs ie in traffic or on an incline, can cause warping. My dealer replaced the discs for free without being asked when I took my 04 1150RT in for it's 6K service

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My ST discs were pretty well gone too and I didn't notive until I rode a frieds Sprint ST. Dealer had never noticed it on their "test rides" but they did change them under warranty.


Mileage at this point was c23k and the dealer also noted that there were many bikes of this age had inferior discs on the bikes. They replaced all three of mine with new pads too.


My previous BMs had 30k on original discs and working well and teh RS had them changed at 45k miles.


So far my new discs with only 2k miles remain good.

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