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Conti Road Attacks and Rick Mayer Seat opinion


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I got new Conti Road Attacks and a new Rick Mayer seat in January but never tried either because of the weather. I left Thursday and got back last nigt and put 700 miles on my R12RT and I wanted to give some feedback. The Conti's compared to the Bridgestones that were on the bike handle about the same. They are quite a bit quieter, though my Bridgestones when they were new might have been quiet, I can't remember. The big difference is in the ride. I think the Conti's ride much better than the Bridgestones ever did. I always noticed a fairly harsh jolt in the front end on sharp bumps that is totally gone. I'll have to see how they do on mileage. The seat, I can finally go 3 hours plus without having to take a break. The only drawback to the Rick Mayer seat is, I was allready just a tad bit inseamed challenged and this seat has made it a little rougher. I think it will be just getting used to it and the wings on the sides of the seat. Anyhow after two years I still just love my bike and how I missed riding this winter!

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I have both the Conti tires and a Rick Mayer seat. Both work very well for me on my 12RT. I think the handling of tires compliments the bike very well.


The Rick Mayer seats really work well for me (this is my second). On long rides the seat is never an issue for me. I can do 10-12 hour days without any discomfort. I couldn't do that with the stock seat. The longest that I have ridden in a 24 hour period is 1800kms and that was done on a Rick Meyer seat (and an 1150RT).

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