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Parabellum Scout questions


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The R1200R is on my short list, but I want lots of wind protection. For those of you who have a Parabellum Scout, a few questions. Can you get the wind blast over your helmet, is there any buffeting, and how much of your arms and legs catch the wind?


Anyone have any other suggestions for a windscreen? (I inquired with AeroFlow about a windscreen, but they have no plans to manufacture one - apparently sales for the R1150R are WAY below what they anticipated.)



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Paul Mihalka

I have the Parabellum Scout on my R1150R. I like it very much, coming from a R1100RT. You can get it with different windshield heights, so it can be tailored to you. I found that adjusting it with a bit of extra backward angle there is no buffeting. Upper body protection is very good, arms are somewhat protected, legs are not.


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As Paul, I had one on my R1150R and loved it. I had a couple of different shields (still have the very short tinted one). Protection was much better than other options and they look great. I have only seen pictures of the Scout for the R1200R, and it looks to be a bit narrower than the R1150R Scout. I am looking forward to seeing one for the new bike.

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I have a Scout fairing on my R75/5. There is no leg protection from this fairing. There is some protection for your hands and lower arms. Helmut buffeting is related to your personal body dimensions and windshield height. Expect more buffeting than on a fully faired touring bike.

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