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Thanks Blue Moon Cycle!


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A couple of weeks ago, I took a quick trip up to Roswell Georgia (just north of Atlanta) and stopped by the Blue Moon Cycle shop to see if I could get a replacement mirror for the GS. I won't go into details here about how the mirror broke off dopeslap.gif, but rest assured it was gone and I found it quite a challenge negotiating I285 traffic without it.


The entire Blue Moon staff was hurrying around busily preparing for the Atlanta Cycle World motorcycle show. The fellow behind the parts counter indicated that they should have one mirror in stock, but he couldn't find it and mentioned that he would have to order one. It was looking like I was out of luck this trip.


I was really in need of a mirror as I had quite a bit of heavy traffic to ride through over the weekend, so I asked him if it was possible for him to take one off a new bike and replace it when the new one comes in. His response, "Hmmm, let me ask." Ten minutes later he reappeared with a mirror in his hand and it was on my handlebar soon thereafter.


We often hear when something goes wrong at a dealer. I wanted to make sure this good deed was appreciated. Thanks Blue Moon! smile.gif

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