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Gear worth hawking?


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OK, the vast hole in my garage where a "Traveling Companion" once proudly stood leads me to the rack where my remaining gear still waits, wondering why it's not being used. Is a +/- 2 y.o. helmet and an air jacket and liner worth the trouble to sell? Or is there a "Starvation Army" of motorcyclists out there, taking your unused gear and helping good, underpriveleged riders?

Oh, and you rich greedy BMW riding slobs? Don't bother with the "Uh, well, if it would HELP you, uh, I'll take it off your hands (fa free, natch), just 'cuz I wanna help YOU." Yeah. Sure. Call my toll free number: 1-800-POU-NDSAND


Sez you?

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Put it up on craigslist and you'll find a taker. There are plenty of young (and not so young) riders looking for a good deal on gear and not everybody is so picky about it being new.


However, if you think there's an outside chance that you'll be riding again in the next couple years, I'd keep it.

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CL is a possibility, but you'll deal with a lot of flakes.


Put 'em up on the classifieds here, they'll go bye-bye pretty fast if priced right.


But as previously noted - I'd say keep them if you think you might get another ride. The storage space isn't that big a deal, compared to the time/effort/monetary cost of finding gear that works for ya. The helmet *will* deteriorate over time, particularly if stored dirty, or in a hot environment. But the jacket can be hung in the back of the coat closet nearly indefinitely.


However, if you're pretty sure that you're done riding for good, then selling it all off in the classifieds is probably the best bet.


If you don't stick around here, though - I can say with some certainty that we'll miss ya!


(But that's mostly because our aim isn't so good...)

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If you don't stick around here, though - I can say with some certainty that we'll miss ya!

HUH? Leave here?? Oh so many people to tick off and insult and oh so little time!!! devil.gif

Sorry, dood, you schmucks are stuck with me.....unless Mom sez otherwise. innocent.gif


Oh, BTW, re: CL. EVERY response to buy came from the ad there. You folks were nice an' all, but ain't nobody on ANY of the DB's crowbarred open their moth-infested wallets.

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