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RT shifting, Part II


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After my previous post I looked at the shifting issue while in my driveway as opposed to in traffic. When I started the bike today I tried to shift into 2nd while I was warming up, the shift lever moved freely but "topped out" without changing gears. I then held the clutch w/my right hand and yanked up on the shifter with my left hand, after 3 or 4 tries it went and operated properly afterward. One of my coworkers says his RT is difficult to get into 2nd on cold mornings, is this "normal"? Would appreciate your input.


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Make sure the linkage isn't loose anywhere behind the kick plate, in particular on the shaft at the tranny.


Is it just second or other up shifts too? Any issues with any of the down shifts?


If you don't find anything with the linkage, the two other most common causes are dry splines, and shifter fork problems. For either of these two unfortunately the bike will have to come apart to diagnose / correct.

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the shift lever moved freely but "topped out" without changing gears.
As Ken said, check out the external linkage very carefully as it is the most likely problem. If you're sure that the linkage is OK then the symptom you describe would be the shift drum hanging up and not completing the shift. There are a couple of things that could cause this but unfortunately all would involve internal repairs.
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