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RAM parts needed for Migsel application?


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I've got the Migsel shelf thingie...direct from the guy, no time at all...and want to mount a Valentine and a GPS. I've searched for "radar mount" and such, here, but haven't really found a proper thread.


I know I need the little 3/8" ball mounts to screw into the Migsel, but I'm unsure how long an arm I need for the GPS and Valentine mounts, and not hit the windshield or obscure the instruments.


So, if anyone is willing, I need to know:


What arms to buy


Is the RAM radar "plate" the right idea?


I'd also love to see an elegant homemade solution to covering the Valentine, along the lines of the Legal Speeding box.


I'll buy a RAM-compatible mount to attach to the extension rod, for the GPS.


Thanks in advance. If I end up having to take off all the plastic to wire the stuff up, I'll take good photos, and if my fused power block is too far away back under the seat, I'll "make" a new one and show photos and how-to for that, as well.





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Honestly it's really hard to say here. Everybody's desired 'look & feel' is different.


The RAP-300-1 plate is great for putting your detector on.


ISFA the GPS, you don't say what GPS you have, but RAM makes model specific mounts for a number of GARMIN models.


As to arm lengths, buy a couple of each and experement!


If you don't have it, here is RAM's web page - http://www.ram-mount.com/

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Never mind, I found a guy here in Austin who's a RAM dealer, I'm going to his house Sunday with my toys to have him help me get them organized on the Migsel.

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Once you are done, please post pictures of the setup along with how the wires/leads were run.

Or email me photos.


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