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Michael Fajans

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Michael Fajans 1947-2006


On Monday June 12, 2006, Michael Fajans died in a traffic accident at the Columbia Way onramp to the Alaska Way Viaduct in Seattle. He was riding his motorcycle to his studio, which is located in a warehouse just south of downtown.


From www.michaelfajans.com


Michael Fajans was born in Philadelphia and moved to New York City where he attended high school and developed an early interest in experimental theater. As an undergraduate at Antioch College, he devoted himself to dance, multi-disciplinary performance art and films documenting modern dance. His career as a public artist began with six murals painted on rural Ohio buildings in 1973 funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, followed by a stunning set of airbrush paintings on the sides of semi-trucks (see the “Other Public Art” section of this website). He moved to Seattle in 1977 and in the following three decades created some of the most profound public art in the Pacific Northwest. He also produced more than fifty large figural paintings that offer a highly refined depiction of visual reality with rich undertones of human psychology, emotion and interdependence.



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I've been thinking about Michael lately. He was an amazingly skillful and creative artist. He did a mural for the Federal Courthouse in Seattle that depicted twelve people of all races and abilities (and disabilities) and walks of life; twelve that would have made up an ordinary jury.

He was a world-class volleyball player.

He was also a graceful, kind, sharing, and gentle person.

I miss him.

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