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RT panels are they painted or plastic?


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Still waiting on my RT - comes 23rd I'm now told. While waiting, can I ask whether the tupperware is a base palstic sprayed or is the colour impregnated in the plastic. Trying to work out how nest to protect it!

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Its a base plastic sprayed to appropriate colour


There are clear plastic films that you can apply to protect your paintwork but from experience I'd say you need to make sure that any film has no sharp corners and if you apply it to a concave surface it works better than convex. Whatever happens - eventually the dirt and grime gets under the edges and so it only last for so long before you have to peel it back




You could try one of the new polymer (?) polishes/waxes that protect well. Your dealer ought to be offering it ? They do on most new cars and it seem to be effective.....

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You may want to take a look at www.thetankslapper.biz . There is a review on webbikeworld.


Thanks- at $44 for full kit I ordered them- even if I use a few of them they will be worthwhile- I like the idea of the protectors for panniers and footpeg holders- I gather they take a lot of wear from boot heels while iding. Many thanks

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