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R1150RT miniatures?


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I was wondering if there is a list of diecast type models or if someone knows if there was a silver model made of the R1150RT?

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Newray Roadrider Collection markets a 1/12 scale R1150RT in Silver, Red, or Green. You can find them at Big Lots, WalMart, and many other discount stores.

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I received a silver 1150 for a gift a couple of years ago. It was purchased at my local BMW dealer.

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I bought two beautiful green ones on eBay for less than $10 apiece. My brother is painting one up to match my Aquamint paint scheme.


Walmart carries the Motor Max series which includes a range of BMWs including a really nice R1100RT, all for less than $3 apiece.

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Got one last week on eBay for ~$9 delivered... 1150RT blue in color and well-packaged for shipping (Maistro?? brand)


Well if you want one for free all you have to do is go get the one out of the NEAM GEOCACHE that I put in there!

I believe it is a Maistro, but can't remember. I do know that it is a Blue 1150 RT. thumbsup.gif


You can find it here:



This one might help also!




You might need some snow tires though! eek.gif



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The Motor Max and Maisto items in my collection are 1/18 scale and usually can be bought for $3. The Newray 1/12 scale were $5 at discount stores. I have some Ertel 1/10 scale that was about $25. The really nice stuff like Shuco,(not the junior line), and Guiloy cost a lot more. I have a 1/6 scale Newray BMW that was a gift and I don't know the price.

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